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Thursday, May 29, 2008

...cha ching...

gas... bought any lately? 75+ bucks to fill up my mini (van that is)... UGH

have you changed anything about your lifestyle since the gas prices have gotten so high? are you cutting down on travel at all?


Jen said...

I'm just thankful we don't have our suburban anymore. We are not traveling as much.
I'm trying to invest in some at-home-entertainment for the summer. Backyard toys, the kittens, etc..
Hey you want a kitten or two?

lindsay said...

yeah - meandering Sunday drives are OUT. soon to be replaced by meandering bike rides, however, its so much less lazy, which is how i like to keep my Sundays. ha.

welcome 'home'!!!

April said...

I think about my drives now. How can I combine errands and such?

It is crazy!!!

steve and randel hambrick said...

we now actually live 15+ minutes from EVERYTHING, which ain't so great on the gas... i've gotten used to being super close to everything, and am adjusting to having to make a haul for each trip.:(

jen, NO KITTENS here. we already have one cat who barely survives my girls attacks.

april, good idea on combining errands.

and lindsay, i LIKE meandering drives. so much for that. :(

Jonathan said...

amy here:

randel, i moved to costa rica!!! you should try that!

ziondreamer said...

So - Creighton and I have shared one car for about 7 years now. Recently, in March, we bought a second car. Great timing on the whole buying gas for two cars now thing.
But, yah the travel has decreased. I was planning to drive to my niece's graduation last weekend. Just could not stomach the $300 it was going to cost just to buy fuel! Aargh.

ashley.ekers said...

i know you wrote this forever ago but i just discovered amtrack and love it. i can go back and forth from tampa to orlando for $16 compared to a $60 tank of gas... and it makes me feel so environmentally friendly ;)

miss you...