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Saturday, July 28, 2007

organics-what's the deal?

i've been very interested in the whole "organic" debate-- and i've been trying to do a little research. organic food is more expensive, and there are less choices. when you look in the organic produce section (at least at the local publix or walmart grocery), you have a small selection with high prices. so what's a girl to do? more importantly, what's a parent to do? it seems a bit more important when your food choices affect your little ones.
i've talked to a few friends, and they seem to be stuck in this quandry as well. after talking to our pediatrician, i have decided we are definitely giving our girls organic milk. beyond that, i'm still researching. please pass on any great online resources you know of that give concise and accurate research. i'm also including a link to a list by dr. allen greene of his top 10 organic food choices. FYI!

oh, and by the way, publix sells their organic milk for $4.99 a gallon, which isn't too bad considering skim milk now costs $4.19 per gallon.


sara is really funny

ok, so sara surprised me yesterday. that kid! i was trying to get the girls dressed and out the door, but they were delaying. anna katherine was finally ready, but sara was still jumping on the couch singing in her underwear. so i used our usual threat-- (don't call dfcs)- "ok, anna katherine and i are leaving. do you want to stay here by yourself? if you don't get dressed, we're leaving you home- just you and kitty"...i mean, at this point i had been trying to get them dressed for 20 minutes. she still refused to get dressed, just singing and jumping on the couch, saying she didn't want to go. so i grabbed anna katherine and we headed out the door. i knew that if this were anna katherine, this would be the point that she would come running and crying hysterically not wanting me to leave her. and then she would quickly get dressed and we would leave. this is what i was expecting. what happens? instead, sara says "goodbye!!" with a large grin on her face and continues to sing on the couch. anna katherine on the other hand was beginning to cry, worried i was going to leave sara at home alone. i assured her we wouldn't leave sara, to which she replied "oh, you were just tricking me." so i get anna katherine buckled in the car and gave her a few books to read. and we waited. i'm thinking sara will come barreling through the front door hysterically looking for us. but no. she's singing and having a good 'ole time. i sneak up to the front door to peak inside, and see sara opening up the tv cabinet, preparing to watch cartoons for the day! perfectly content to be left alone. hmmmm. that girl! one thing i'm learning- what works for one doesn't necessarily work for the other. dang it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Drink MILK??

hey all you organic milk lovers! Check out this $300 product giveaway from Horizon Organics over at Five Minutes for Mom. Hurry - the deadline's tomorrow!


Sunday, July 22, 2007

so we have a blog

ok, so now what? i suppose we'll just live life. and share. hopefully it will give us a way to keep friends updated and have our girls stories and sayings documented. (Lord knows I'm not recording these things anywhere else- my last scrapbooking evening was almost 2 years ago.) we would love to have your feedback and comments, so write when you get a chance.