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Monday, September 29, 2008

...rama jama yellow hammer...

give 'em hell alabama....

so this weekend was the georgia vs. alabama game in athens. and we went. we've been wanting to go to this game for over a year now, and i even planned my tahoe girls trip around it.  steve graduated from georgia, and i graduated from alabama.  we've always had a bit of a rivalry regarding these teams, but to be honest, i really haven't cared too much about who won the game. (i know, i'm a terrible fan). the truth is steve is such a die-hard fan that i've learned it's probably better for georgia to win because he actually cares. ALOT. that's the kind of wife i am.

but this year- well, this year is different.  alabama is actually really good for the first time in years, so my affection for this team has been rekindled.  go ahead and call me a fair-weathered fan- it's probably true. regardless, i care now. at least for this season. i think alabama actually has a shot at having a remarkable season if they can just keep it together. 

so we went to the game, 3 georgia diehards and i.  they made me wear black (how DARE them), but i was ok with it because i realized that it allowed me the ability to scream for alabama in the georgia section of the stands, and no one would know who to throw the drink at.  i can be tricky that way.  

anyway, we kicked their butts. and everyone in my section of the stands was miserable.  i, on the other hand, had an embarrassing grin on my face i couldn't shake for the rest of the night. to my credit, i kept my mouth shut. well, most of the time.  my people were so distraught they even made us leave the game early.  final score: 41 to 30. and that in no way shows the undeniable butt whooping alabama gave georgia.

here are a two pics of the girls on game day...

...pump feeding frenzy...

there has been a bit of fear creeping in for many of us living in georgia.  (at least those living in the metro atlanta area).. and what is causing this? petro.  more specifically the lack thereof.  gas is almost impossible to find!  we are all trying to figure out what extracurricular activity we can cut out so that we'll have enough gas to go to work or take the kids to school.  sunday pleasure driving no more.  

yesterday i passed one BP gas station charging $4.39 per gallon for unleaded. (most stations are around $3.97). can you say GOUGE?  i'm certain it was because they had no competition.  cars were lined up a quarter of a mile down the road.  i'm happy to say that most of the stations around here aren't taking advantage of our desperate situation by putting an exorbitant price on their supply.

i passed over 20 empty gas stations today in my search for gasoline.  i finally found some at a superwalmart, and the line was over 40 cars long.  what did i do? the only thing i could do... WAIT. and pray that the lines didn't run dry before i made it to the front.  (made me thankful for the plethora of laminated puzzle pieces i needed to cut out for anna katherine's class- - the 30 minute wait just FLEW by...)

what is the gas supply like where you live? is this lack of gas even on your radar screen?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

...check ya later...

hey internets! the big day is tomorrow. i'm hitching a ride with delta to lake tahoe!  

7 girlfriends and i are going on a mini-vacation to celebrate our 40th birthdays, and the celebration starts tomorrow and lasts until tuesday. these girls have been my friends for 22 years (back to the university of alabama days), and we've stuck together through much joy and pain-- marriages, births, divorces, and deaths.

on the agenda for the weekend:
sleeping late, hiking, defying death on a high ropes course, spa time, yummy restaurants, and a sunset cocktail cruise.... sounds oh so fab... 

we're out to prove that 40 never looked and felt so good! i'll be back next week with pictures...

Friday, September 12, 2008

... needin' me some tech savviness...

it's time for a new wireless router. our d-link is the pits, and our computers stall out online about once each 30 seconds. VERY annoying. 

i've been researching wireless routers, and i'm confused. i need a new router, and i'm tired giving a blank stare at my options.
do i need a wireless N router, or will the less expensive G be just as good? will my macbook pro and steve's powerbook even work with N capabilities, and if i buy the N will we have to buy an adapter card? (have i lost you other clueless peeps like me?)

too much info. just someone tell me what to do, please. and if you could send the brand, model number, and cheapest place to get it, that would be helpful. :)

(i have a feeling my comments for this post might be slim.....)

what are the things you wish you understood more and had some skillz in? 
another one for me--- photography. 

Monday, September 8, 2008

...find extraordinaire...

so today we'll be chatting about product.
hair product that is...

(apologies to my internets who are uninterested men or those ladies with naturally fabulous hair with no need for product- you can go ahead and SNORE through this post... we women folk like to pass on our good finds in this department, so give me a little grace!) 

which lady among us doesn't have a cabinet full of oh so promising hair product that ended up not living up to expectations? and which of us would go to the ends of the earth to find something to transform our lackluster do into sheer sassiness? look no further friends. i have found something oh so fabulous! i assure you that you'll be pleased.

my new hairstylist suggested i try this, and i hesitated.  how many times have i fallen into that trap before? being convinced to try the next, great product only to shuck out 20 bucks and have marginal results. well, i waited two weeks and then bought some. and i confess i washed and dried on saturday night with great doubt..

i tell you friends my hair has been transformed! let me introduce you to my new hero: Matrix Sleek.look.  they have an entire line, but my investment was but three products.  i bought the shampoo, the blow-down lite lotion, and the iron smoother (for use with a flat iron). each averaged 15 bucks.  can you say soft, smooth, and HOTT? you might not even recognize me when you see me next time.

run out NOW, you women troubled by the frizzy's- wanting sleek, straight, and enormously sexy hair- and buy you some matrix sleek.look product! i actually bought mine at ulta, but found it at the hair salon at superwalmart (gasp) today for super cheap.  

any products you'd lie down on the tracks for? i think i've found mine. pass yours on sista!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

...know your stuff if you wanna chat with newt...

no matter which candidate you are voting for, you have to appreciate this exchange between newt and a reporter. he left the poor guy speechless! i love this clip...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

...flippin' nuts...

we have a new toy we love.  ALOT. and if you love your family or care about documenting your life then you must go purchase this... (i'm helping you to justify this purchase--- you DO love your family, don't you?)

our camcorder is broken. every time we record something it shows thick gray lines across the screen. so we've been considering a pure digital FLIP ever since they came out.  these are little mini camcorders the size of a small digital camera, and they record up to 30 or 60 minutes of video. since most of the video segments we record are just a few minutes or less, i think this will work just fine. (we'll have to borrow or buy another fancy expensive camcorder for the school performances and such). once you've recorded your junk, you just pop out the usb port connector and download it straight onto your computer or a website. voila. easy as pie.

what will this small wonder set you back? at full price you'll pay 150 bucks. but if your internet savvy (i suppose you are if you are reading a blog), then you can find it for alot less. we actually bought ours from Dell for 50 BUCKS WITH FREE SHIPPING. 
how did we find the deal? one of my favorite sites on the internet-- slickdeals.net.  "the most frequently updated and complete deal site on the web."  they have the days hottest deals, so you have to check frequently to see the latest finds. (alot of times they expire quickly because of the large amount of traffic they receive after the deal is posted.)

with all that said, expect to see lots of fab videos.  in fact, i borrowed a friend's flip for the video of the girls in the earlier post. also, put slick deals on your toolbar! it's the best way to find great deals on things you probably don't really need, but can't resist because of the ridiculously low prices...

anyone else out there have a flip? 
even better question- anyone out there gonna go buy one now? :)

Monday, September 1, 2008