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Sunday, February 15, 2009

... tennis anyone?...

we have decided we'll be a tennis family.  
well it's probably more accurate to say that I'VE decided that we will be a tennis family.  

steve and i both grew up playing tennis.  neither one of us have played in years, but have decided we will start playing again.  there are tennis teams and mixed double matches in our neighborhood, and the moment i knew we were moving here i immediately decided we would pick this up again.  we are hoping to meet some other people in our neighborhood who play. and being active is a good thing. (at least i keep reminding myself)

we bought the girls rackets for valentines day. (pink no less)  if we are gonna be out there playing tennis we figured they would want to have something to do as well.  i don't know if they'll fall in love with tennis, but i hope they do!

here they are posing today with their rackets.  when they don't use them as guitars, maybe they'll hit a ball or two. anna katherine is already doing pretty well after only 2 days of practice! sara isn't so interested at this point...

any tennis players out there?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

... a political rant...

often times, smaller churches and church plants meet in local schools.  in areas like mine where commercial real estate and retail space is astronomical, partnering with schools has afforded us the luxury of having a cost-effective way to gather in a community. it's a win-win because we have a somewhat inexpensive way to meet and the school gets additional money to help their budget a bit.  

i just got finished reading this article about a provision in the stimulus bill.  This provision bans money designated for school renovation from being spent on facilities that allow "religious worship".  wow.  where will that put us and other communities of faith that meet in schools? on the streets i fear.  what principal in his/her right mind would give up funds for "modernization, renovation, or repair" to let a church meet in his/her school?

"President Obama's version of faith-based initiatives is to remove the faith from initiative," says Staver, who believes Obama has "a completely different view on faith" from what he said during his presidential campaign.  

i was hoping that Obama would surprise me. i was hoping he was all he wanted us to believe he was.   from funding abortions to penalizing religious worship, it shows me he's not. and that makes me sad. :(

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

...they started out strong...

some days i'm just so proud of my little angels.  they behave well and prefer one another. today- not so much.