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Monday, May 18, 2009

...movin' on up...

it's official! my baby is a GRADUATE! 
farewell pre-k it's time for the real world!
be gentle, o elementary schoolers, with my angel~

(sara with her bff's)

Monday, May 11, 2009

...dr. blackthumb...

this first picture is a perfect representation of what i do when i get a hold of plants. 
sweet little sara brought home a seedling to grow from school, and a week later it's dead. not enough water, too much water- i just can't seem to figure it out. 
i had been hiding this on the counter at a spot out of her eyesight... praying that it would decide to fight the good fight and come back to life. no such luck. finally sara noticed it and was not happy. "MAW-MA!"  and tears. sorry, peanut, i'm a wanna be gardener who kills plants.

now here are two pictures of my latest attempts at gardening. and you can be extra proud, because i actually planted these flowers in the pots. TWO of the barrel arrangements, and one hydrangea. of course i had to ask the gardening sales person every detail about how to do it, but none the less i did it. yep, i could have bought the "ready made" pots with flowers already arranged, but nope! i did it myself. (grinning ear to ear)

if these live all season, then REDEMPTION. i'll let you know...

...wilson, watch your back!...

little black neighbor dog wilson, how i hate thee. bite my kid again and it's all over.

Friday, May 1, 2009


the private practice season finale was a nail biter! the last few minutes were killer, and i had a hard time relaxing to go to sleep.

thoughts about the episode:
Addison- get some discipline. and some morals for that matter.
Violet- loved that she picked Pete
Sam- finally the confession of love to Naomi
Naomi- chicken
Cooper- he's gonna HATE that he left violet's house before going in
Charlotte- grow a heart and look for another job
Crazy Psycho patient- there are no words

do we REALLY have to wait til next season to find out what happens with violet and the baby? argh!
anyone else watch this show? thoughts?