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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

...sara's 5th birthday...

yep, my baby turned FIVE earlier this month. i told her she wasn't allowed to get any older because i was convinced she would stop snuggling with me, and that would make me sad. she's agreed to continue snuggling with me, and every day since she turned 5  i'm making her pay up on her promise. i'm still sad that she's growing up, but i guess if she keeps snuggling i can deal...

i've been feeling really bad about not blogging something for her birthday, so even though i'm two weeks late, i'm posting some pictures. here goes the highlights:

on her actual birthday, my mom came over and we all went to a hibachi lunch.  the girls loved it, and we even went  again the same week with friends. the place up the street has a hibachi lunch for 5 BUCKS. (hibachi +5 bucks = fabulousness!) they gave us fried chocolate ice cream and that was a first for all of us. here's the pic of us digging in...

We had some dear friends from Orlando drive in that day for the week, so we celebrated later with a cookie cake and presents.  (notice the high school musical wrapping paper- she liked that better than the gifts!)
The next morning we piled in the minivans (still gasping 2 years later) and headed to the American Girl store for a birthday brunch with the babies.  They each brought a doll and had a ball!  It's a perfect place to take girls for a celebration- anna katherine is already planning her party there and it's not until december!
After a celebratory few days, the birthday parties were done and life went on.  and like i said earlier, as long as i can get some snuggling, i think i can deal with my baby growing up on me. so far so good.

...a conversation with anna katherine...

we were driving down the road earlier this week, anna katherine and i.  it never fails- she always wants to listen to You'll Come by Hillsong. so we blare it out and sing at the top of our lungs. like 10 times each day.
i've burned a really good worship mix, and after You'll Come is Worthy is the Lamb by Brian Johnson.  we started singing the second song, and i paused the song to make sure she understood what the song was about.  i sang each line accapella, and would then explain the meaning.

here is the conversation that followed:
anna katherine: "mom, do you wish you could be on american idol?"
me:  " i don't know-- do you think i should be?"
anna katherine:  "well,  i wish i could be on american idol."
me:  "maybe you can be."
anna katherine (all the sudden weeping):  "i really want to go to hollywood- what if they say no and i can't go to hollywood??" (boohooing)

(side note: we don't even watch american idol, and she's in bed by 8pm anyway. and now she's worrying that she won't make the cut and get to go to hollywood.)

conversation continues:
me:  "do you know where hollywood is?"
anna katherine:  "somewhere near new york city."
me:  "it's in california"
anna katherine: "oh yeah! i was about to say that."