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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

...are you one of THOSE?...

people stress me out sometimes. 

especially ones who act all freaky around kids-- specifically MY kids. 
"don't go in there", "don't touch that", "come sit over here", "careful!", "don't give my daughter that", watching their every move as if my 4 or 5 year old will destroy their garage or house (or child) if they lose site of one of them for 5 seconds. 


and then i'm all wigged out, worrying what my kids are doing and what the heck they could be touching. ugh. i get tense and tangled and no fun at all. can you say STRESS?

sometimes i feel like just holing up in the house. forget the polite chatter- i'll just stay indoors.

call me when you've taken your valium. 


Woodard Gang said...

AMEN sista! I hear ya and I can proudly say I am not one of THOSE :o) Miss ya!

julie and joe said...

i take it 'praise and playtime' didn't go well?...or are these your new neighbors:)
miss you.

steve and randel hambrick said...

i'll just say this.. it wasn't praise and play. :)

matt and ashley said...

i read this and laughed through the whole thing, because i could imagine you saying it in person..and could see your expressions. you're cute.

April said...

I miss you!! I too could totally hear you saying that!!
Praying God provides the right friends for you and the girls!!

Elaine said...

I'm sad to say that I have been one of THOSE on occasion:(
Try not to be but sometimes it
sneaks up (or out) of me!!
Miss ya girl!

brad said...

Were you at my house today?

Whit said...

Did we have a bad playdate?!? I'm not one of those! You can play here anytime...quite a commute though.

LeeAnn said...

oooh, I just found yout blog and I am so with you! This is exactly how i feel!