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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

...never say never?...

ok, so i got this idea from another blog. stolen with pride.

20 things i will NEVER do:

1.  i will never eat a fish with the eyes and tail still on it. unless it would be rude not to, and even then i promise to never enjoy it. 
2.  i will never stop looking for the best price. or buy stuff without knowing how much it costs.
3.  i will never quit loving and needing the tangible presence of God.
4.  i will never run a marathon.
5.  i will never get tired of hearing my girls sing or seeing them dance.
6.  i will never hate pedicures, manicures, or full-body massages.
7.  i will never turn down free babysitting.
8.  i will never give away my scale.
9.  i will never hate starbuck's decaf caramel frappucino's. or cinnamon spice latte's for that matter.
10.  i will never dread a date night with my husband.
11.  i will never enjoy humidity.
12.  i will never love dusting. heck, let's just add "cleaning". 
13.  i will never happily eat whatever i want without being completely aware of the consequences. (dang that weight watchers knowledge)
14.  i will never stop wishing i could be a contestant on family feud.
15.  i will never understand God's grace. 
16.  i will never sit on a public toilet seat.
17.  i will never stop missing my dad.
18.  i will never own a ferret. or a snake. eek.
19.  i will never turn down a shrimp tempura roll. especially with a little wassabi and soy sauce.
20.  i will never believe i'm old. especially in november when i turn 40. (OMG)

what are the things you'll never do? 


Travis said...

I don't know, you didn't take us up on our free babysitting offer...

steve and randel hambrick said...

you were MOVING travis.. and i'm nice like that.. you know, not wanting to stress you out...

Anonymous said...
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