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Monday, January 26, 2009

...the craziness of life...

i'm the worst blogger EVER.  i've blogged a total of 6 lousy times this month. sorry for any of you actually checking this thing often!  

i've thought many a time about posting something, but i've been ridiculously busy along with being unmotivated.  we've been out of town this month for 3 weddings, as well as fitting in a trip to india this month too.  last week i had half my jaw chopped off in surgery to remove an area that was in the beginning stages of cancer (i have the nastiest surgery picture ever which i am extremely tempted to post), and my oldest daughter was taken to the hospital ER on friday night (by her grandfather- we were in florida!) for a staph infection on her leg. we've also kicked in high gear with the church plant, and are beginning to meet every other week as of this past sunday.  we have found beautiful and convenient office space which we are working on getting set up and furnished, but we are still in need of a place for our church to launch in april. help us pray that God gives us somewhere quick!

check out our logo.  isn't it fab?  the font might change but the design is pretty much final.  i'll be back soon with an explanation of the logo, but i need steve to remind me of a few details. especially because it's brand spankin' new and my brain is turning to mush at 11:30pm. anyone have any thoughts?

hang in there with me. i'm gonna get better, i promise. grace?


dananderin said...

You don't have to explain, my friend! Grace to you!! You have a lot going on. I want to know more about your jaw and AK?! We have your guys picture in a basket (all the pics from peeps at Christmas) & at dinner, Kyle picks a card and we pray!! We love you so much and are praying!

And YES you can come to book club anytime!!! ;)

ziondreamer said...

who did your v242 artwork? love it.