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Monday, January 5, 2009

... for your viewing pleasure...

sorry for the blog hiatus. i have to confess- i've been extremely unmotivated to blog. i'm thinking it's due to NaBloPoMo i did in november (i posted 24 times that month!)

for now, here is a video for your viewing enjoyment~~

(before you play this, scroll down and press "pause" on the gap video ad a few postings back or you'll be listening to both songs at once)

this is their duet of jingle bells-- an attempt to copy the gap merry mix it ad posted on december 15th (notice the arm motions and the phrase AK attempts "saint nick got kicks like fire")


i'll try to get back into the swing of things soon.. maybe after my trip to india on thursday...


AnnieBlogs said...

Oh this gets me really pumped about my week ahead. :)

ManUtd17 said...

Glad to see no one was pushed to the floor for more camera time!