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Monday, November 24, 2008

...i need africa...

i was asked by mocha club to write about the concept of why 'i need africa more than africa needs me.'  Mocha Club is a community-based website where members can start a team and invite friends to join them in giving $7 a month- the cost of 2 mochas- to support a project in africa.  mocha club's vision is to provide a way for people who don't have hundreds or thousands of dollars to make a difference in africa.  i don't know about you, but i'm one of those without thousands of dollars to make a difference.  so a working, viable option like mocha club is perfect!

i need africa.... because many people there have learned to be content with less and i need to learn from them.

i need africa... because africa reminds me that the kingdom of heaven is made up of more than white middle class americans.

i need africa... because being there opens my eyes to different ways of loving jesus in community.

i need africa... because things that seem like a big deal when i'm home don't seem quite so big when i'm there.

i need africa... because i begin to appreciate things like hot water heaters, washing machines, and air conditioning, and realize they aren't a right but a gift.

i need africa... because when i'm there i become aware that success in life isn't measured by the things you attain or the ladder you climb, but how well you love others and how well you love god.

i need africa... do you?

share your thoughts in my comments. blog about it yourself. and come back december 1st to see what mocha club is doing about reforming the images we have of africa as a place to pity instead of a people to partner with.


Jo said...

good stuff, randel. i miss you.

Steve said...

I feel ya on this one, sista! It's really cool to hear about Mocha Club and what they're about. I'm excited to hear more on Dec. 1st. Thanks for blogging about this. Love and miss you.