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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

... guilty pleasure du jour...

3 words:

i'm not a big chip fan. in fact, if i never had another chip EVER i would be just fine. 
UNLESS i was surrounded by tostitos multigrain chips. and then it would be torture. 

have you tried these yet?  they are dangerous.  over two days i ate an entire bag minus 2 handfuls i graciously shared with steve.  yikes. i might not buy these again anytime soon, but you... you should. and eat one (or a bagful) for me.


L said...

I'm the same way about chips, but it sounds like I better stay away from these! I love multi-grain anything!

A Southern Wedding Belle said...

It took you two days? They are my favorite too. I think they are better for you than average chips -don't you?

In pharmacology class today we learned an interesting fact about eating chips. We were talking about infections - each chip that you eat causes 300 micro abrasions in your oral mucosa. Just thought I'd share.

Ali said...

Haven't tried them, but I've wanted to - now I must get them! I'm afraid I'll be addicted as I LOVE nachos - I eat them at least 3 times a week. It's a problem.