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Friday, November 28, 2008

... dealz...

ok, so pass on the deals.  have you found anything on sale today or this weekend that is an amazing deal? i'm probably a bit late in asking this, as all of the true black friday shoppers are most likely at the stores right now. pass on your finds, fellow internets!

for those of you interested in a pure digital flip camcorder (if you aren't, you should be), walmart has the 30 minute version on sale today and tomorrow for $79.  this is an amazing deal because they usually sell for $150 and it's rare to find them for much less. we use ours ALL THE TIME, and the girls record videos on it daily.  TOTALLY worth the investment! we paid $50 thanks to the deal of the century at dell.com, but i haven't seen a price less than $129 since. 

did you get out and shop today? what awesome finds did you discover?


julie and joe said...

i snagged up 2 of those at walmart today...now THAT was a great deal!
love you!

Whit said...

LOVE the Flip - thanks to your suggestion back in the summer!!

Sara Griffith said...

I was at Best Buy at 4am in Hiram, GA. Our computer was fried and I got a great deal on a new one.