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Sunday, October 19, 2008

...speakin' my language...

according to gary chapman's book the five love languages each of us needs to feel loved, and we receive love in one of five ways.

the five love languages are:
1.  words of affirmation
2.  quality time
3.  receiving gifts
4.  acts of service
5.  physical touch

i'm not convinced i've always been this way, but i am BY FAR a receiver of love by acts of service.  tell me i'm great- whatever. hang out with me- fine. touch me- ok. give me gifts- i like this, but no biggie. but do an act of service and you've spoken my language!

so it was beautiful yesterday when steve gave me a full day of service as one of his birthday gifts to me... (see day 11 on this blog for details).  i think it's one of the most fun days i've had in a while!  we accomplished all sorts of stuff on my to-do list, and i was as happy as a child in a candy store the entire day. 

here are a few pics of our progress:

muscle rack shelf put up in the basement, filled with stuff from boxes we unloaded (are you impressed that it is already a mess?)

a vinyl monogram was put on the wall over the master bed

a vinyl "family established" design was placed on the wall over the front door in the foyer

and the mirror direction was changed and sconces were hung over the living room fireplace

he also helped wash and dry dishes, and was willing to do whatever i asked whenever i asked.  props to my hubby for serving me so selflessly yesterday! i absolutely LOVED it. :)

so tell us internets,  what is your love language? 
i would love to read at least one example of someone loving you well!


Tammy H said...

Awesome Randel, love keeping up with your bday blog too!

My love language is 'quality time'. I love hanging out, it is also my top spiritual gift (ha!). Love it, and feel loved when people give their time to just hang out with me.

Two Bad things about this gift though.
At least in my situation.

1. I am pretty sure that kids somehow pick up on our love languages, not all, but many. So....out of my 47 kids? How many have this as their primary love language? I would guess about 35 or so!! SO....in order to 'fill their love tanks', I need to spend more quality time with them? BUT...there are 47 kids here...and well...enough said.. (Hence we have 'slumber parties' often and other creative ways of hanging out).

2. With not having many Americans on the scene, and ALL of my closest friends living on the other hemisphere......24 hours (by flight) away...... Well...My love tank hasn't been getting full these days. Come to think of it, it hasn't really been full these past 10 years. (ha). (Except on those rare weeks or short seasons when peeps like the hambricks come and hang out!)

amy griffith said...

randel, amy here:

mine is gifts. give me a gift, i KNOW you think im wonderful! ok, did you read my comment on your christmas thing, i brought this love language thing up!!!!
my second is physical.

its bad being a missionary and have the love language as gifts, its hard to afford to give! in fact, i would rather go a meatless week and have money to buy my mom something cool from rica than to not take her anything.

and i think tammy is right, because my mom's language is definitely gifts, maybe i learned it!

L said...

I always thought mine was quality time, but now I think it might be words of affirmation. Can it be a tie? :)

steve and randel hambrick said...

amy- i LOVED your perspective about the christmas giving. steve and i were talking about it today. i had never thought about that before! so thanks for a different way to look at it..
for my girls, i don't think their love languages are gifts, but they sure do love them. i want to get the love language book for kids so that i can get more clarity on their languages.. i pretty sure AK's is quality time, and Sara MIGHT be touch.. not so sure about her.....

tam- can you hang on until january?? hopefully your tank will get refilled and HOPEFULLY we'll be part of that deal...

laura-- i think it probably can be a tie, especially depending upon who you are receiving it from. for example, i like touch from steve but i'm not really very huggy with others...
AND i think my language has actually changed over the years as well. i think i used to be touch, but i'm very different these days..

clay kirkland said...

Randel - Steve is making all the other husbands out there look bad! Tell the family I said Hey!

Travis Greene said...

Physical touch. You know what I mean.

Whit said...

Randel, Love lang. for kids is great - get it! Love the point that we all need all of them - especially kids but one or two is usually our primary and how we try to show love to others. Mine is words of affirmation & gifts and Pete's is acts of service. It's funny how we try to show love to each other and it doesn't work b/c our languages are different. Like Pete will wash, fold and put away all the laundry and instead of thinking he's showing love I think I'm a crap wife/mom cause I didn't get it done and he had to do it& it puts me in a bad mood. Then, I'll put little notes in his suitcase or car or send text messages of encouragement - NO RESPONSE. If I ask him he'll say...oh yeah,... thanks. hee hee. Obviously we're always working on trying to speak the right language!! :o)