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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

... my favorite sites...

time to share your favorite websites!  

i have a few that i have on my toolbar, and each time i get on the computer i buzz through them to see the latest.
these are the ones i check regularly (in no particular order):

1.  slickdeals.net

this site is amazing, and lists all sorts of internet deals.  each day and all day long they post incredible deals to be found online.  i was able to get our Flip video camcorder for 50 bucks instead of 150 from Dell, and have bought lots of other random things i'm not convinced i actually need but the price was too good to pass up..and they constantly post codes for huge discounts on my next favorite site:

2.  restaurant.com

this site allows you to enter a zipcode and find restaurants in and around that area that have gift certificates available to purchase at a reduced price.  we use this ALL THE TIME, and are saving a ridiculous amount of money doing it.  a 25 dollar gift certificate is usually 10 bucks on their site, but slickdeals posts coupon codes VERY regularly with 80% discounts off of that price. so steve and i went and ate sushi last week with a 25 dollar certificate, and paid only 2 bucks for the gift certificate (10 normal price minus the 80% discount). now THAT is some affordable sushi!
you are able to print the certificate immediately, so now waiting around for it to arrive in the mail. check it out today, and go try something new tonight!

3.  etsy.com

etsy is a fabulous place to buy things handmade and unique.  i bought both of the vinyl wall designs shown on my last post from two different etsy sellers, and was really pleased.  i've seen some amazing jewelry i'd love to get as well, and i might buy our christmas card design/template from a seller on etsy.  

4.  google reader

this is the place i check all of the blogs i follow.  it's VERY cool, because you are able to see in one location when the blogs you follow have new entries.  i remember spending a ridiculous amount of time clicking on every blog i was following to see if there were any new posts, but no longer!  google reader has given me my life back... now if i could just stop checking this site every second :)

other sites on my rotation: facebook, ebay, fox news, and ak's class website.

where are you spending your time online? 
what new site do i need to add to my rotation? 


Thesupermanns said...

oh man...i love etsy and slick deals too. We got our cell phone plan with slick deals...and it was SLICK....im glad you saw the photo of Steve and Kevin together on my blog. hope yall are well.

Travis Greene said...



AtlantaMama said...

ok, so I can relate. I need to add some of these to my life. I too do Fox New, Facebook and other... atlantamom.ning.com (if a mini facebook for mom's in our area). I have WebMD on my too.

AtlantaMama said...

sorry, that was http://atlantamoms.ning.com.