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Monday, September 8, 2008

...find extraordinaire...

so today we'll be chatting about product.
hair product that is...

(apologies to my internets who are uninterested men or those ladies with naturally fabulous hair with no need for product- you can go ahead and SNORE through this post... we women folk like to pass on our good finds in this department, so give me a little grace!) 

which lady among us doesn't have a cabinet full of oh so promising hair product that ended up not living up to expectations? and which of us would go to the ends of the earth to find something to transform our lackluster do into sheer sassiness? look no further friends. i have found something oh so fabulous! i assure you that you'll be pleased.

my new hairstylist suggested i try this, and i hesitated.  how many times have i fallen into that trap before? being convinced to try the next, great product only to shuck out 20 bucks and have marginal results. well, i waited two weeks and then bought some. and i confess i washed and dried on saturday night with great doubt..

i tell you friends my hair has been transformed! let me introduce you to my new hero: Matrix Sleek.look.  they have an entire line, but my investment was but three products.  i bought the shampoo, the blow-down lite lotion, and the iron smoother (for use with a flat iron). each averaged 15 bucks.  can you say soft, smooth, and HOTT? you might not even recognize me when you see me next time.

run out NOW, you women troubled by the frizzy's- wanting sleek, straight, and enormously sexy hair- and buy you some matrix sleek.look product! i actually bought mine at ulta, but found it at the hair salon at superwalmart (gasp) today for super cheap.  

any products you'd lie down on the tracks for? i think i've found mine. pass yours on sista!


L said...

I tried this years ago, and apparently I should give it another shot! One of my favorite hair products is Aveda Be Curly.

Jonathan said...

wow, i look forward to trying it!

Cindy Hill said...

Hey Randel! Your name came up quite a bit today at WOW in our group. Just wanted to let you know you were thought of today :)

steve and randel hambrick said...

laura- stay clear of the conditioner.. i think it's moisturizing enough without it.. maybe that was the prob? looking forward to the be curly for curly days! :)

amy- i don't know if you can get this in costa rica :)

cindy- that scares me!

Micah and Shireen said...

So do they have stuff for curly hair too? I am always looking for a good product!

Brown Eyed Girl said...

this is now on my list of new products to try because I need something to control my crazy mane.

thanks for the heads up!