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Monday, September 29, 2008

...pump feeding frenzy...

there has been a bit of fear creeping in for many of us living in georgia.  (at least those living in the metro atlanta area).. and what is causing this? petro.  more specifically the lack thereof.  gas is almost impossible to find!  we are all trying to figure out what extracurricular activity we can cut out so that we'll have enough gas to go to work or take the kids to school.  sunday pleasure driving no more.  

yesterday i passed one BP gas station charging $4.39 per gallon for unleaded. (most stations are around $3.97). can you say GOUGE?  i'm certain it was because they had no competition.  cars were lined up a quarter of a mile down the road.  i'm happy to say that most of the stations around here aren't taking advantage of our desperate situation by putting an exorbitant price on their supply.

i passed over 20 empty gas stations today in my search for gasoline.  i finally found some at a superwalmart, and the line was over 40 cars long.  what did i do? the only thing i could do... WAIT. and pray that the lines didn't run dry before i made it to the front.  (made me thankful for the plethora of laminated puzzle pieces i needed to cut out for anna katherine's class- - the 30 minute wait just FLEW by...)

what is the gas supply like where you live? is this lack of gas even on your radar screen?


Cindy Hill said...

We have not had any problem with gasoline here. There was a moment when there was a shortage on diesel which caused the schools to cancel some activities. Other than that, we are not having a supply issue here in Central FL.

ManUtd17 said...

The gas thing is not a supply issue. People need to just fill up and go about their lives. The supply issue stems from people topping off their tanks every day and interrupting the supply schedules. If people will not be so panicky, the stations can get back to normal. (This is ManUtd17, and I approved this message.)

Travis Greene said...

We're feeling it a little. Amy passed 5 gas stations with no gas the other day before she found a place to fill up. I hear GA is the worst-hit. Did you know there's only one refinery for the whole Southeast?