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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

... melt in your mouth vanilla goodness...

so today is the day to share your new favorite find, internets! 
what has pleasantly surprised you recently?

i uncovered these ready-to-bake cookies because i'm CHEAP and they were on clearance at supertarget a while back. when i got around to baking them (i was desperately searching for a last minute picnic addition), boy was i surprised!  an explosion of fabulousness! (is that even a word?)

i can't vouch for all of the flavors, but the vanilla sugar cookies were amazing.  in fact, i bought another pack of them today at publix for full price. i'll just call them my vanilla delights~

a few things i like about them:
1.  they are organic
2.  there are 24 per pack--- more delightfulness for the bake!
3.  they melt in your mouth
4.  they aren't ridiculously high in fat or calories
5.  the company is socially minded and gives back to the community

so the next time you are at the grocery, look for the better bakes by the immaculate baking company. and prepare for vanilla goodness to change your life.. (ok, so i'm a bit dramatic)

tell me, internets, what have you discovered that i must go out and purchase? 
share your faves...


L said...

Yum! They served these on a flight once and I wondered where I could find them. I'm off to Target!

Jen said...

Our new fav is the sweet potato fries by Alexia in the health food freezer section of your Kroger. If you bake them, they are super healthy too.

The cookies... oh my..We LOVE the chocolate chunk with vanilla ice cream. DElish!

dananderin said...

We have found the organic blueberry flax granola from Whole Foods,is FAB. Dan eats it like cereal & Kyle loves to munch on it as a snack. Not too expensive, same as a box of cereal.

ManUtd17 said...

Jr. Bacon chesseburger at Wendy's. 99 cents.

Get two.

ManUtd17 said...

OK. I didn't just discover that. But I felt obligated to post something that balanced out the flax and granola. And organic stuff.

brad said...

I think somebody at a neighborhood party is selling something you need.

Tammy H said...

After 10 years....India now has lettuce, or at least some kinds of lettuce derivatives.... yeah!! Ha ha. Pathetic, huh?