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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

...the dreaded yellow apple...

this can't be a good sign. first day of the second week of school anna katherine gets in trouble. 

each day the teacher sends home a behavior chart which a parent has to initial.  if all goes well during the day, the apple on her chart is colored green.  if not, there will be a yellow or red apple. 

yesterday afternoon anna katherine walked up to the front door with her head hung low after getting off of the school bus.  i knew something was wrong.  as soon as i asked her, she burst out in tears and apologized for "moving an apple" color.  she was distraught and hysterically crying, and promised me she would get a green apple from now on.  what was the infraction? NFD, according to the chart. not following directions.  as best i could tell she was hopscotching in class after being told not to.  i was super nice, but made sure she realized that she has disobeyed her teacher and should not disobey again (serious face here).  i affirmed all of the fabulous things about her character and personality, and made sure she realized that everything was alright.  she asked if i would forgive her. geez. 

i can tell you this- she will be on her best behavior here on out.  she's a typical headstrong first child, and she's a rule follower.  now that she's been called out it will be over. so as silly as the infraction was, i'm grateful for the apple behavior chart.  she's learning she must follow rules and respect authority. maybe it will transfer to obeying her parents quickly?  steve and i can only hope. :)


Woodard Gang said...

well...i'd like to say we never had any yellow or red's last year with t.j....but i would be a total liar!! unfortunately it took t.j. most of the first half of the year!!
btw...i commented back on my blog and am not sure if you will get a notification back, but i left you the link on where you can make your own signature...you can do it!!

Brown Eyed Girl said...

this only makes me love Anna Katherine even more.
she's so fantastic and she is going to be a handful.

besides..the feisty girls are the best ones and she takes after her mama