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Monday, August 25, 2008

...7 short years...

today marks seven years of marriage for us.  seven years sounds like no time at all! it seems to both of us like we've been married much longer. we've accomplished A LOT together over the past seven years.

in seven years, we've:
1.  gotten married (obviously)
2.  had two children
3.  lived in 5 different homes
4.  lived in 3 different states (nebraska, florida, georgia)
5.  traveled together to india twice and mozambique once
6.  played well.   we've been to fabulous concerts (john mayer, dave matthews, sheryl crow, willie nelson, foo fighters), gone skydiving, traveled many places, enjoyed date nights, and found life long friends together.

i'm incredibly grateful for the gift of my marriage.  cheers to all the things the lord has in store for us.  in the words of frank sinatra, the best is yet to come! 


L said...

Happy Anniversary! You two are great!

ziondreamer said...

Happy Anniversary friends! All my love, Nik

dananderin said...

Out of all the things you've accomlished together; living in Nebraska HAS to be by far one of my favorites! Do you remember when Rachel & I use to ty on your engagement ring...wishing & hoping! Good times. We love you guys and miss you.

April said...

Happy Anniversary! Here's to many more fabulous years in the service of our Lord and King!!
You all please Him everyday!!

ManUtd17 said...

Congratulations! Here's to many more years and experiences together!

lindsay said...

happy anniversary to our favorite southerners!!! yee haw! so honored to be able to go to India with you guys. that was life changing. i second erin: living is Nebraska is my favorite part of your marriage! haha! :) MISS YOU TONS.

carolineb said...

A mighty alliance, God stacked the deck when he put you two together.