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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

...breakfast table convo...

fighting over paper 3d glasses from vacation bible school.

anna katherine taking them from sara.

sara calling anna katherine a "poo poo" and "loser."

mom telling sara to apologize to anna katherine.

sara sticking her tongue out.

mom emphatically telling sara to apologize.

sara telling mom that THIS is the way she says i'm sorry.

that's my kid. nice.


Jonathan said...

amy here;

can caia come to your house and play?

love yall!

Anna said...

I found your blog through Lindsay's. I'm Anna Katherine and my sister is Sarah! Love your post (and the names :))

clay said...

I love your breakfast table...from the looks of your blog, it does not seem that things have changed much from Orlando to Georgia! BTW, come to Athens and visit...

matt and ashley said...

ughhh. look at that face. she's totally got your face. :P

Elaine said...

are you sure you werent at my breakfast table, or in my car , or just hangin in my house... ALL
DAY!!! some of those same things were said in my house. love the pic:)