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Friday, July 18, 2008

...40 day fast...

this is my entry to the 40 day fast.  want to see how God likes to move? read below. also, be sure to check out mandy's post for today.

This story begins with a hardcore atheist who had lived on the streets. A girl who had experienced a rough life. One who enjoyed ridiculing Christians- that is, until she encountered the relentless pursuit and love of God. It continues with her journey across the globe to the Indian Subcontinent to make a difference and her obedience in heeding the call to love the “least of these” in a radical way. A determination to bring the Kingdom in real and tangible ways to a broken and hurting world.

Her kingdom contribution? Grace Home. A children’s home like no other and a place that defies all odds. The most fitting picture of grace I’ve ever seen. A home full of 47 children with the most horrific backgrounds and stories you’ve ever heard. Children who have been abandoned, sexually abused, beaten, burned with cigarettes, left in dumpsters. Witnesses to their parents being murdered, committing suicide, or dying of AIDS. They’ve been through it all and have experienced more than their fair share of despair and heartache. In the States, we would label them wounded for life- destined to be mental cases- messes- beyond hope.

But the story doesn’t stop here. The writing was NOT on the wall for these young ones. This is where Jesus invades earth. Remember when he quotes Isaiah 61 about healing the brokenhearted, proclaiming freedom for the captives, comforting those who mourn, and providing for those who grieve? He wasn’t just quoting scripture. He said that this scripture was to be fulfilled in HIM. Kingdom order invading earthly disorder. It’s real stuff, y’all. Jesus healing wounds we never imagine could be healed.

Just look at Raja. Raja was 9 years old at the time he came to Grace Home and was from a very poor tribal out-caste group. He had witnessed his father murder his mother and the local police kill his father. No relatives were willing to take in Raja and his brother, so they were sent to a group home. The only home with space was a place where juvenile offenders and other misfits were housed. One giant room, no bathrooms, no running water with more than 50 boys ages 5-18. The people in charge carried sticks and beat the children for no reason. Sexual abuse ran rampant. Grace Home took Raja in, along with his brother. He accepted Christ whole-heartedly within two or three weeks of coming into Grace Home. Almost immediately God began giving Raja visions, all of which, without exception, have come true. As Raja grew older and began remembering some tragic experiences from his past, he had a tangible visit from the Lord bringing him complete healing. No counseling was needed, no extended therapy. Just God’s grace moving in a mighty way. Raja has led many friends to Jesus in high school, where he earned the nickname “Master.” The bible study he started in the beginning of this year with 4 boys ended with 25 boys, many from Hindu and Muslim families.
Two years ago Raja took a special trip to visit the tribal village where he was born. As he traveled, passing village after village, similar to the ones he remembered as a child, he sensed the Lord asking, “Do you see this village? Do you see that one?”  Again and again as he drove past them he would hear the same thing…”I’ve saved all of them as your inheritance!” For Raja, Grace Home has not just been a place that saved him from a futile life of brokenness and despair. Instead it is a place that has prepared him, in the context of a loving family environment, to make a kingdom difference in places that have never heard the name of Jesus. Raja, as early as age 12 or 13, knew that God was raising him up to be a church planter and pastor to the un-reached people groups of his own village.

Raja, like the rest of the children in Grace Home, could be classified as orphans and according to Webster that may be true. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. One day as the children were watching Television an American televangelist, showing emaciated Indian children, began an emotional plea urging people to give money to the “poor orphans of India.” He went on and on while Raja and all of his brothers and sisters watched in bewilderment as the man continued his negative portrayal of orphans in India. After a minute or so one of the children looked at my friend and asked, “What is an orphan?” Not knowing how to respond after the devastatingly, negative portrayal of a word that actually defined who her children were, Raja stepped in and said, “It’s okay Ma, I think I know what an orphan is…it’s what I used to be before I came to Grace Home.”
This is the heart of Grace Home…taking children who have been forgotten by everyone but their Father in heaven and grafting them into their family, where 47 children, if asked will tell you, without fail…Jesus is my Father and my friend is their mother.

The children at her home have sponsors who support them by sending $30 each month, which pays for all medical care, education, clothing, and other needs they have. Currently all Grace Home kids are already sponsored. My friend also works with the local church they attend, and has 7 sponsorships available for children living in extreme poverty but living with their parents. The same needs would be covered with your tax deductible $30 each month. If you are interested in getting to know and sponsor one of these children, please let me know and I can connect you with her sending agency to work out the details. 

Pray, pray, pray for Grace Home. Ask for more grace and continued grace. Thank God for His faithfulness and the incredible ways He moves there. Ask Him for MORE.
(pictures of us with the kids... the beautiful child on the right is our sponsor child.. raja is in the pic on the bottom)

*Persecution is a real issue, becoming more prevalent every day. Because this particular government is not positive toward Christian organizations, names of the people and the home in this article have been changed for their protection.  


kddub said...

wow... what an amazing story..

Thank you for being a part of the 40 day fast, and speaking about what it is that Grace house is doing!

euphrony said...

Randel, thanks for sharing about the children in India. Grace Home sounds like a great place. I'll be praying for you today and for Grace Home.

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MCC said...

Amazing story. God is doing some great things through this 40 day fast.

nancy said...

Thank you for sharing about this incredible place. I'm praying for you today.

truevyne said...

Thanks for posting for the 40 Day Fast. God bless Grace Home.

thesecretlifeofkat said...

That's an incredible story. It gave me goosebumps...

Thank you for sharing and praying.