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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

...our pale pink ain't so pale...

"AAAAAHHHHHH!! That's some serious PINK!!!"

if you've followed our blog at all, you know that we just moved to georgia last month.  the interior of the house is a duron color, tobacco road.  it's a really great neutral color, but it's covering every square inch of wall space in this house.  and that's just too dang much of one color, no matter how fabulous it might be.

so we are painting four rooms: our bedroom, the dining room, sara's room, and anna katherine's room.  

our room and the dining room are going to be a fabulous brown benjamin moore color called "cambridge riverbed", sara's room will be a yellow yet to be determined, and anna katherine's room was going to be a pale pink.  
we picked benjamin moore's "posy pink", but it was crazy bright on the walls so we lightened it up with a GALLON of ultra white and went with it.  it's still somewhat of a shocking pink, but hey- it's DONE. 
after 9 full hours of non-stop painting i am finished.  2 coats, blisters on my hands, and all. praise Jesus for good worship and alone time in the midst of accomplishing a time-consuming task on the to-do list!

I plan to paint Sara's room asap.  Any great pale yellow colors you've used? I'm considering benjamin moore's historic color "hawthorne yellow."  
If you know of any, send them my way. come on internets, help a friend in need~


The Maddron's said...

i don't know if you like the yellow in grace's room and the bathroom... it so, it's called "straw doll" by sherwin williams.
send pics of the house and katherine's room please!!!

Jonathan said...

amy here:

we need pics of ak's room!!!

ziondreamer said...

So how about some photos of the house? I'd love to see it!