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Sunday, June 15, 2008

...my two favorite men EVER...

it's fathers day and i've spent most of this day reflecting on two things:
1.  the awesomeness of my husband, especially as a father to our girls; and
2.  the things i loved about my own dad.

a few things i love about steve:
1.  in many ways he is still a kid at heart, so he is usually much more playful with the girls than i am. he is a GREAT dad. he does his fair share of bath times and book readings (and butt wiping for that matter).  he takes the girls fishing, to the pool, and to bass pro shop.
2.  he has an amazing laugh. it's definitely my all-time favorite laugh.  have you heard it? if not, you must. it will make you smile. :)
3.  his humility.  you know those arguments you have with people that make you want to dig in your heels and fight? that's my response most of the time.  steve, on the other hand, is much more likely to choose humility and grace, even when he has the right to fight. he's not impulsive and rarely spits out things he later regrets.
4.  spiritually he is a trailblazer, looking for what God wants to do- now- in these days.   he is seeking how, where, and in what ways God is moving and wants to move, and doesn't put Him in a box.  he's not one who is a follower of trends, but one who genuinely seeking the heart of God for a fresh move of His kingdom here.  he's a lover of Jesus and one who pursues him wholeheartedly and a man i am gladly willing to follow.
5.  he's my best friend. and he shares all of his life with me, and cares about all of mine as well. he's an amazing partner and co-laborer.

a few things i loved about my dad:
1.  he loved me.  he went to countless numbers of concerts, amusement parks, political fundraisers and the like just to be with me.  while i was at the university of alabama, he sent me newspaper clippings and notes just to say he loved me. all the time. and when my brother and i were growing up, he took us to six flags on wednesdays (his day off) just to goof off together. not just once mind you- he bought season passes.
2.  he loved my mom.  they fell in love when they were 16, and stayed that way until his death in 1996.  they modeled a healthy marriage of passion, love, friendship, and grace.
3.  he was a hard worker, and could do just about anything.  many a time i called him in the midst of a stalled out home repair project, and he would rush over to complete the job.  i'll always be able to picture his beautiful, strong and calloused hands. 
4.  he was loved by everyone who knew him.  i know people say this about others, but it's true of my dad!  his funeral was one of the largest they had ever had in town, and that makes me proud because i know that means he was loved and respected by other people.  
5.  he was likable and  fun to be around. he loved a practical joke, and had a willing cohort in those (my brother).  he was the life of the party, and never met a stranger.

two men, not too terribly different. both captured my heart and still hold it. i'm thankful this father's day for the fortune of having the BEST of the best. 


Libby said...

Hey Hambricks....
I've been meaning to message you! This is your fellow UCUMCer friend who moved to Georgia also- Libby Christiansen! I hope you guys are settled and doing well. I hope you don't mind me contacting you via blog....I saw you posted on another blog...and I heard through the Carillon Grapevine that you were moving to Ga! I was hoping it would be closer to us, since we love listening to Steve! We are very close to Athens, in a bitty town call Jefferson. BUT.....we have a friend in common. A young guy named Tate. He is the worship leader at our new church! Small world huh? Wishing you all the best-
(you can reach us at nathanandlibby@windstream.net)

WILLIAM said...

Hello Hambricks ......... I enjoyed reading your story. You said some wonderful and beatiful things specially about Vic since I knew him well as one of my favorite cousins. He still miss him.

I have not met Steve yet and i hope to meet him soon AND your two beautiful daughters.

Love to all of you , Bill

carrie said...

that is sweet! we just imitated the steve laugh after reading this:) it is an all time favorite of the reagins!

brad said...

Both those guys are awesome. I miss your Dad greeting me at church. I don't miss that church, but you know what I mean. He was awesome and I loved my folks getting together with your folks. I didn't know how amazing a dad he was (I assumed)so thanks for sharing those stories.

ziondreamer said...

funny. I wonder how many people wrote about fathers...

Love you friend. Miss you.