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Thursday, February 28, 2008

...ok, ok.. i'll do it...

dang it. i've been watching people "tag" each other all over the blog world, and i've been praying i would be left out of the mix.  i mean, i just haven't been so sure that i could think of 10 interesting things to share about myself.
so my friend tammy tagged me. about a week ago, i might add. and my friend bill was asking too. ugh. every time i thought of answering this call, i blanked out.  every one else's lists are so creative and great-- how could i compete? 
unfortunately i woke up bright eyed this morning at 5:30 am, and PTL it wasn't because of a screaming child.  what the heck? the lord obviously wanted to chat.  i tried to listen.  wondering what he wanted me to pray about this morning.  i started with the big stuff going on in my life and my friend's lives, but felt like he wanted to talk to me about ME.  he wanted to remind me of some stuff about ME.  

don't expect anything profound, but here is some info about who i am:

1.  i'm a sucker for a dare. i may not choose to do something on my own, but put me in public and dare me to do something, and game's on. make a scene? no problem. exceptions: eating nasty stuff (bugs, intestines, etc.)

2.  i'm brand loyal. don't mess with my tide with bleach, tide with febreeze, colgate total toothbrushes,  and charmin ultra.  if you are disappointed with the performance of a product and need to find a new favorite, just give me the category and i probably have a product i just can't live without.
3.  i have a terribly memory.  well, let me clarify. i can remember to-do lists. and prices of products on the grocery store shelf. and other insignificant stuff.  but tell me a deep, dark secret of yours and i'll forget it in 2 seconds flat. this can be a problem, because once you tell someone something deep and BIG you expect her to remember. not so much over here... sorry friend.. i'm convinced it was the hard living in my younger days that burned lots of brain cells, and we all know those don't grow on trees...

4.  i'm obsessed with the myers-briggs.  if you haven't taken this personality test, do it now! (and tell me what you are).. i blame and credit everything to someone's myers briggs personality.  for example, i'm a J and steve's a P. this is the only letter we are different on. and i'm convinced that every disagreement we have boils down to me being a J and he being a P. anyone with me on this obsession? (by the way, i'm an ESTJ)

5.  i am determined.  if i make my mind up on something, consider it done.

6.  i love my life. i really, really, really love my husband. and my girls. and Jesus. and friends who love me in spite of my faults and the parts of my personality that are annoying.

7.  i've been a vegetarian for close to 20 years. thanks to a friend who challenged me at the time and an overdose of chicken in a 24 hour period.  and the determined part of me mentioned in #5.  

8.  i think i'm most comfortable being nomadic (or at least having that option). which is why committing to stay in one area for a long season scares me. 

9.  i once got a phone call from Newt Gingrich (when he was speaker of the house) because he wanted to pick my brain on healthcare. OMG! lest you begin to get impressed, i'll just say i totally bombed the conversation and sounded like a complete moron. he never called again.

10.  favorite things: decaf caramel fraps from starbucks, fall weather, bear hugs from the girls, the feeling of accomplishment, date nights, weight watchers ice cream bars, frozen grapes, cold beer in a frosty mug, fires in the fireplace, time alone.

TADA!  i now tag: amy and travis greene, geoff and sherry, nikki, lindsay, and  jacqueline. good luck :)


Jonathan said...

amy again, this tag thing is reason enough for jg and i not to have a blog.

Jacqueline Maddron said...

ok i took the test...... ESFJ moderate in all cases. the "j" doesn't make me proud :-(

ManUtd17 said...

That wasn't so hard. Nice job. I guess we should've dared you to tell us 10 random things.

I'm an INTJ from way back. Shouldn't surprise anyone.

Laura said...

So as I've watched you eat tuna, the vege thing surprised me. I guess the vegetarian thing doesn't apply to fish? With going back to Atlanta you should check my sister's blog (who's really a carbaterian) she's been slack but it's fun. www.howdyfoodie.blogspot.com

L said...

Wow, these are all very interesting things about you! I didn't know you were a vegetarian. I could never do that!-I'm sure people tell you that all the time.

ziondreamer said...

I am sure you have already surmised that I am an ENFP.

ziondreamer said...

So what does it mean to be "tagged". Am I supposed to follow some instruction. I don't follow instructions very well. See, I am spontaneous, open-ended and all-over-the-place.

steve and randel hambrick said...

jacqueline-- be proud! the J's of this world are the ones who actually get stuff done!

laura- i do eat seafood on occasion. so i don't know the "official" term for someone like me.

nikki- being tagged means YOU have to create a list on your blog. since you are spontaneous and fun, you should have no problem coming up with at least 10 fabulous :) get started! :)

tatum said...

i'm ESTJ too!! although i can flip to be ESFJ sometimes.

lindsay said...

oh, you PUNK! i already did this once! 10 MORE things about me? ok, ok. give me a couple of days.

newt, eh? impressive!
and i can't imagine you & steve argue about ANYTHING. ;-)

Jacqueline Maddron said...

I printed out my ESFJ write up. Guess who else is a ESFJ? President Bill Clinton???? WHAT?? This must be wrong.

O.K. for you gator fans.... Steve Spurrier is too.