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Monday, January 21, 2008

...oh the memories...

i'm reliving my childhood with the new and improved Baby Alive doll. the original came out in 1973, and i loved my baby alive. what's not to love about a doll that eats, drinks, wets and poops her diaper? yippee! my inlaws gave sara one for christmas, so now i get to help feed and burp this little doll.
my girls think she's great. at first glance, i did also.

5 things i DON'T like about the new baby alive:
1. her diapers are more expensive than real baby diapers. i just bought a 6 pack for 5 bucks! and they are not reusable. try telling your girls that you can only feed her once every few weeks... as soon as we had the messy diaper off today, they were ready to feed her again. she constantly says, "i'm hungry. i'm thirsty." anna katherine was rushing me to get the food ready to feed her, and she was really worried that the baby would die from starvation. (great)
2. her food isn't cheap either. (it's a special green pee powder you mix with water. mmmm yummm.)
3. she is REALLY heavy- sara has a hard time lifting her.. i bet she's 10 pounds on a light day.
4. she's really hard and her eyes are big and creepy.
5. she burps and then laughs about it. i think she's a bad influence! :)

anyway, here are a few shots of the girls feeding and changing her poopy diaper today. sara was too cute, talking about how her stinkie "smelled".. and she held her nose.. (it didn't, by the way)..

did any of you have a baby alive? are you the sentimental type who will get sucked in and by one for your child?


clay said...

That diaper made me throw up in my mouth.
I am glad that we are here in Orlando - dont give Tate too hard of a time!

David said...

Since I'm staying here, I thought I'd be a friend and respond. Better late than never.

L said...

I wanted a Baby Alive so badly. But when I finally got one, I was annoyed and asked my mom to take her back.

cool dad said...

We got the real thing last May and he is more than enough pooper for us!

The Baby Alives kinda creep me out, so I don't think the boy or any future girl will get one.

Micah & Shireen said...

I hope Laily doesn't ask for one of those...sounds like too much work for a toy!!! Hope y'all are doing well.

lindsay said...

my mother-in-law gave Reese one for Christmas last year....and we promptly took it back to Wal-Mart. didn't even take it out of the box. freaky eyes + expensive diapers + inedible (for humans) food = disaster. between michael & reese (and now liam), i don't need any more poopers under my roof! :-)