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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

...sara is SIX!...

i would die for this child. she's more than i hoped for! 

here are a few pictures of her sixth birthday-- which she celebrated MULTIPLE times! 
she had a class party, girlfriend party, hambrick family party (on Easter), miltiades family party (during Easter gathering), and then her actual birthday at the beach! we should all be so lucky :)

complete sweetness

class party

miltiades family gathering

hambrick family gathering

beach birthday on her actual day

anna katherine liked the cake :)

birthday beach shot

Sara- my prayer for you is that you would extravagantly love Jesus all the days of your life.  if you do this, everything else will fall in place!  his purposes for you are beyond imagination- i can't wait to see what he has in store.  happy birthday lovely!


L said...

She is such a beautiful girl! They both are! I like the multiple bday celebrations - as it should be! :)

AtlantaMama said...


WOW! I can't even think about my baby being 6. It all goes by TOO stinkin' fast!

I'm glad she had like 6 parties for being 6. That rocks.

When we did that with our oldest son, my Dad asked if he was MLK or someone famous who gets like full week of awesome birthday times. But it's so much fun!
the more parties and cookie cake the BETTER!!!

She is BEAUTIFUL! Love the hair cut! Love that smile! She smiles with her eyes!!

mary katharine said...

What wonderful captured images:)! I'll have to second ... she's a tremendously sweet little girl. Y'all are blessed beyond measure, definitely.
Happy Birthday Sara!!!!!

ziondreamer said...

She is stunning. Both of your girls are. I was blown away by these photos of Sarah.

You and Steve really know how to make beautiful children!

Love you!

*The Bell Life* said...

She's soooooo precious ;)