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Thursday, March 11, 2010

...ch ch ch ch changin...

yesterday AK lost her third tooth, and this time the one she lost was front and center. she left for school yesterday, and I'm telling you those front two teeth were BARELY loose.  I suppose she just decided she wanted it out, so she "cracked" it (her word) all day, and voila!  it was out before she left school.

yesterday afternoon she was working and "cracking" the other front tooth as well. she was proud of the blood all over a paper towel. what's this obsession?  I'm fully expecting to see a completely different looking child this afternoon too.  it's a little strange to see your kid with no front tooth, but i guess everyone goes through it. 

And another thing-- a kid in her class gets TWENTY BUCKS per tooth. UNFAIR I say! what about the recession? makes the rest of the kids wonder why one kid gets twenty and they get one. dang.

our girls usually get a silver dollar coin.  this morning, however, our tooth fairy remembered 5 minutes before the girl woke up for school. oops. so today it was just a plain, ole dollar bill.  chump change i guess compared to the jackson the other girl gets. at least she left a really sweet note for AK.. that counts for something, doesn't it? :)


AtlantaMama said...

so cute!! Tammy wrote a funny blog about the tooth fairy and the bad guy who sometimes captures the tooth fairy (when the tooth fairy would forget or did not get the word...)

she does look DIFFERENT w/o a tooth in the front!

Jessie said...

one time the tooth fairy was weeks late and then on Easter morning I got a note saying the tooth-fairy mobile broke down and she had to catch a ride with the Easter bunny....... yeah :)