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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

...launching into cedarcrest...

ok, so FINALLY vintage 242 is launching into our community!

our core team has been meeting at our parent church at 4pm on sunday afternoons as we've attempted to secure a space in cedarcrest. i'm thrilled to announce that after much adieu, we found a space. it's temporary because of the small size, but it's awesome. we've had lots of
people up there volunteering-- painting, vacuuming, shopping for furniture, hauling chairs, putting down trim, hanging drapes, etc. it's been exhausting but worth it!

my poor kids have put in lots of hours up there, and we haven't given them enough attention over the past 3 weeks of preparation. steve and i have been up by 7:30am to work, and have been calling it a night around 1am. it's an exciting season, but i'm ready for the preparation of
the space and all of the materials (promotional, supplies, graphics, basics) to be DONE.

THIS WEEKEND is our official launch into the community. we met last sunday as a core team in the space, and we are inviting friends and neighbors starting this weekend. pray for us as we move forward!

here are the 1/2 page and full page ads we are placing in the neighborhood magazines in september and throughout the fall. (these folks are all vintage people.)


L said...

How exciting! "Real people, real struggles, real hope" - I love it. I wish I could visit your church when I'm in ATL in a few weeks, but I'm not the one in charge and it's probably a bit of a drive. Maybe someday!

ManUtd17 said...

That is a great promotional piece! Confident expectation ... not just wishful thinking.

Travis Greene said...

Are you renting? What's the space like?