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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

...a conversation with anna katherine...

we were driving down the road earlier this week, anna katherine and i.  it never fails- she always wants to listen to You'll Come by Hillsong. so we blare it out and sing at the top of our lungs. like 10 times each day.
i've burned a really good worship mix, and after You'll Come is Worthy is the Lamb by Brian Johnson.  we started singing the second song, and i paused the song to make sure she understood what the song was about.  i sang each line accapella, and would then explain the meaning.

here is the conversation that followed:
anna katherine: "mom, do you wish you could be on american idol?"
me:  " i don't know-- do you think i should be?"
anna katherine:  "well,  i wish i could be on american idol."
me:  "maybe you can be."
anna katherine (all the sudden weeping):  "i really want to go to hollywood- what if they say no and i can't go to hollywood??" (boohooing)

(side note: we don't even watch american idol, and she's in bed by 8pm anyway. and now she's worrying that she won't make the cut and get to go to hollywood.)

conversation continues:
me:  "do you know where hollywood is?"
anna katherine:  "somewhere near new york city."
me:  "it's in california"
anna katherine: "oh yeah! i was about to say that."


L said...

ahahaha, hilarious! I love that song and blare it in my car, too!

Jen Brewer said...

HA! That's funny. Did you keep a straight face too? Oh the drama!

Darren and Tara said...

Way too funny!!!

A Southern Wedding Belle said...

You always make me laugh so!! I'm just sitting in front of my computer laughing at you and Anna Kate. I love you -

Gina said...

Randel that is hysterical. Are you sure that her teachers aren't talking to her about American Idol.