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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

... wow...

yesterday our country elected barack obama as our next president. i did not vote for obama, nor am i excited that he was elected. BUT-- it is refreshing that our nation is willing to elect an african american to the highest position in our government.
my biggest concern what he has stated as his first goal as president... 
check out this video

he is very clear that he "will not yield and planned parenthood will not yield." he's also very clear on what his agenda is. and it frightens me. ALOT.

if FOCA is signed and the issue of choice is made a priority,  may God have mercy on our nation. in all seriousness. 


ziondreamer said...

RE: Your statement that it is cool that America elected an African American to the highest office....

This is what I posted on my sisters blog this morning about the same thing:

I had doubts that our country would get behind someone with dark skin and a scary name.

I know you didn't vote for him. But I know you would agree with me that this is a huge win in the battle against racism in our nation. The battle is far from over - but I am excited that my kids are seeing an example of equality right before their eyes.

amy griffith said...

randel, i am with you 100%!!!!

Tissy said...

Randel, I share your fears about his priorities. How can a person with children feel it is okay to kill them? His former religious practices also concern me a lot. I have no problem with his race, just his thought processes.
Love keeping up with you all via your blogs.
Love from your cuz,
Mary Anne