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Saturday, August 2, 2008

...outrigger island...

my girls were at vacation bible school this week. as usual, i was curious how the performance would go yesterday for the parents.  anna katherine is notorious for being nervous and shy about getting up in front of people.  sara, on the other hand, is pretty comfortable with it unless she sees anna katherine have a melt down first. 
thankfully yesterday sara's class went first. check out my angel declaring that jesus loves her. :)

the next picture is of anna katherine's performance. 
yep, right on my lap with eyes full of tears while her classmates sang their little hearts out. argh.


Woodard Gang said...

how precious! loved the video:o)

julie and joe said...

i miss you...and your kids!

dananderin said...

Randel, it's Erin Greve. I am now in the wonderful world of blogging! ;) This is the sweetest thing. I love it!!