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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

...river of delights ...

every time i turn around, i feel like i'm having conversations about weight watchers and foods that have low point values.  for those of you who aren't familiar with weight watchers, you work off a certain amount of points you can eat each day according to your current height, age, activity level, etc.  
even if you aren't doing weight watchers, these are great items to eat that will help you maintain or lose your weight.

my non negotiables:
1.  frozen grapes--- have you tried these? buy some grapes NOW. and freeze them. irresistable. 1 cup = 1 point. steve and i eat these almost every night.
2.  ww latte or fudge bars- 4 oz of delicious goodness. sooo yummy and only 1 point! nightly delight as well.
3.  ww key lime pie yogurt- it's dy-no-mite! 1 point. 50 cents each at walmart grocery.
4.  smart ones broccoli and cheddar potatoes- 4 points of cheesy goodness. red russet potatoes roasted to perfection with generous amounts of crisp broccoli. my favorite quick meal.
5.  ww smoothie mix- only available at ww locations. i use half of a pack each morning (half point), blended with 6 oz. dannon light and fit vanilla (1 point), and either a banana or strawberries. i eat this every morning, almost without exception.
6.  fiber one oats and caramel bar- 2 points. always in my purse for emergency snack.
7.  alternative bagel- in the bakery at publix. 1 point and yummy. usually accompanies my smoothie for breakfast.
8.  flamed grilled boca burger- 1 point. usually paired with thomas' whole wheat bagelbread and fat free or 2% cheddar. 
9.  mini bags of microwave popcorn- 1 point and always a nice filler. 

these are my favorites. and i'm always up for more choices. so tell me, internets, what's your favorite healthy, low cal meal or snack?

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Garrett said...

randall! i love your blog and need these WW tips! your girls are gorgeous! love ya, garrett