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Friday, July 11, 2008

...fashion advice sil vous plait...

so i need a jacket to wear with jeans.

i'm at least savvy enough to know that a
blue jean jacket matched with a pair of blue jeans is a FAUX PAS. i know this because i asked my fashion diva friend nikki all about this a year or two ago, and ever since i've been on the hunt for the perfect jacket to pair with blue jeans. 

a black leather jacket is great for winter, and i can even think of other wintery type coats that would work. but what about summer? 

i was thinking about a white jean jacket. i would think this would work perfectly, but it can't be a good sign that i'm having a hard time finding one for sale at any reasonably fashionable store (gap, old navy, etc.) does that mean they are out of style? hmpf. 

so what's a girl to do? 
what do you take to wear in a restaurant or movie theater in the summer months when you get chilly? right now it's a fleece pullover for me. 

i need help. post me some links for the perfect pairing. i'm ready to BUY SOMETHING. 


kdb said...

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lindsay said...

wow, somebody really likes ed hardy.

for summer i say a cool cardigan. yep, you can do it. i like a 3/4 sleeved one. but if you want something more substantial, what about a twill jacket? 3/4 sleeve? i found a couple of neat 3/4 cardigans - lightweight - last summer at Target. they work for me!

AGreene said...

Ok, so I am currently (and forever) obsessed with What Not to Wear and the stylists on the show are forever harping on about how every woman looks good in a structured jacket. I like this one from Gap.

Or, as someone mentioned already, the cardigan.
This is the route I always go. Looks good with jeans and a t-shirt, but you can also throw it over a dress for church.

miss you randel!

L said...

I love blazers with jeans! You can put lots of cute camisoles and t-shirts underneath them and make them dressy or casual. They have some cute white ones at Gap now. Or Gap's puff-sleeve jackets are super cute!

steve and randel hambrick said...

thanks y'all!!!! :)
i was hoping the 3 of you would give me your diva fashion advice~~

so yall would put a cardigan even with a concert t and jeans? or a normal cotton shirt? i have some mental hurdles i have to get over- i know i need to, though.

i've been checking out your suggestions..
laura, are you talking blazers like the pinstriped blazer on gap.com?
amy, i really think i could do the structured jacket you linked (if i can spend 60 bucks plus tax and shipping)...
linds, cardigans are a strong possibility but the twill jacket would be a big step.

yall are awesome!! keep the ideas coming!

brad said...

You commented Friday, July 11 at 9:55 pm. We all should have still been out.

The boy is totally fine. Nothing wrong at all. Weird.

We'll try again soon.

AGreene said...

yes, you can totally wear a cardigan with a concert t! Just match the style of the cardigan with the t. For a vintage t shirt, wear a cardigan with the same feel. For instance, don't wear a baby pink cashmere cardi over a rock t shirt.
i like this one. You could wear it over most anything!
hope this helps

ziondreamer said...

So I am just now getting to this! I am outta town - on vacation.
My friend has been wearing a sweater in the evenings. She is so sheik.

One is a long white airy sweater she got at harolds. The other is a short white airy sweater she got at anthropologie.
That's where I am heading for a "jackety" type summerish thing to wear with jeans.

No jean on jean. I still live by it as well.

love ya!

ManUtd17 said...

Can't you do the jean jacket if you "dress it up" with buttons of your favorite 80s bands that you bought at Turtles and the Record Bar? You know bands like Madness, Naked Eyes, and, of course, The Police?