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Thursday, June 26, 2008

... you go girl!...

here is the monster slide at our neighborhood pool. anna katherine has been eyeing this thing since the moment we drove into the neighborhood! the first minute we walked through the pool gate, she headed immediately up the large hill (alone even!) to conquer this challenge. unfortunately for her, the lifeguard said she was too little and sent her back down.
the NEXT time we went to the pool she gave it another shot. and the lifeguard on duty at that time let her do it. hello, y'all, my baby is only FIVE. i was so proud of her! she must have climbed the hill and gone down this slide 6 or 7 times that day.
so, in honor of her great achievement, i'm documenting this adventure on the blog. these photos aren't of the first trip down, but, hey, i'm just proud of myself for actually taking these at all. :)
that's her at the top, ready for the flume
the fall into the pool
emerging victorious and proud! that's my girl!


julie and joe said...

AK-you rock little girl!!
We miss you!

George said...

That's a pretty sweet slide, has Steve gone down it? he is probably too afraid.

George said...


steve and randel hambrick said...

marshall, steve only went down it once. it was too much for him. you're right..

:) miss you btw