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Monday, March 31, 2008

...what is WRONG with people?...

do you read the news?  have you seen the article today about the guy who drowned his 3 kids in a hotel bathtub to get back at his wife? here's another one.. this is just one of MANY articles written each and every day about people in our world... a day doesn't go by that i don't read an article similar to this one... nothing surprises me anymore.. boy do we need JESUS!


cool dad said...

it seems like several people a week kill their children or family members. i'm sorry, but i must disagree with the worldly-held notion that people are good at heart!

Travis said...

Not to deny the real presence of evil and sin in the world, but the truth is that most stories like this are a result of mental illness, usually brought on by earlier abuse on the perpetrator. Which is still incredibly heart-breaking, but is at least marginally more understandable.

What is wrong with people? In cases like this, it's that people need 2 things: healing and redemption. Healing to make the sick person well, so they are capable of moral choice. The crazy person with voices in his head who kills because of messed-up brain chemistry is not sinning. He is sick. But once well, the healed person is quite capable of sin. Hence the need for redemption.

Fortunately, Jesus is all about both.