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Saturday, March 15, 2008

...the perfect day...

it was 86+ degrees and sunny. a breeze made the temperature just about perfect.  it actually got up to 90 according to my mini (van that is), and although 90 degrees is really warm, i was ready for a day just like today.  
it was one of those days that our family was in harmony with one another. you know those days, and they don't come around all the time.  we ate gelati's and played in the backyard. AND steve and i had a DATE! 
our sitter came at 5pm and we didn't get home until 11.  SIX hours out!  for those of you with small kids and rare date nights, i'm sure you probably find yourselves in the same situation we usually do--- anticipating an amazing evening away from the kids, but ending up back at home by 9 with nothing else to do. oh no, not this time. (which is part of the reason this might be on the all-time favorite date night list).
we started out at an arts festival (which we weren't expecting to find), and *bonus* found a wine bar to sit outside and enjoy a glass of wine at. not only was the atmosphere fabulous, but we both of us tried a wine we had never had before and actually loved it. yes, God was blessing us.  how good could it get? 
we headed over to our favorite sushi restaurant wazzabi for the perfect amount of japanese yumminess delivered on a wooden boat. not too much, not too little. amazing!  and to top it all off, our timing of leaving wazzabi was perfect to make the 8:05 showing of "the other boleyn girl."  
sunshine, gelatis, harmony, a date night, good atmosphere, good timing, and yummy sushi. perfection! today was good. we needed it. and we are grateful for it!
have you had any really great days lately?


Tammy H said...

ha, don't think I have had a perfect day in years.... ha ha. Do they even exist? Ha. Glad the hambrick fam is doing good! Miss yall!!

Central Florida said...

This sounds like you had a wonderful time.
I'm glad you guys got to enjoy so many good things all in one day.
love ya!

Central Florida said...
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