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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

...home sweet home...

we're back! we drove to georgia on friday and returned late yesterday. boy, was it cold. ugh. and it actually snowed while we were there. today, you can see that it was warm and sunny here in orlando.
steve has been buying and selling boats to make extra money (he was raised in the boat business), and he needed to test one of them out to make sure everything was working well so we all went for a spin. of course, he had to take two fishing poles and make a few casts. anna katherine is following in her daddy's footsteps, and already loves going fishing. she did not catch the fish she's holding (steve did), but can you even BELIEVE that she is actually holding that fish by its mouth? like i said, her daddy's child. sara and i stayed as far away as possible.
we still have not sold our house, and actually reduced the price another 10 thousand dollars last night. our priority at this point is to get it sold so that we can begin pursuing housing options in georgia. we looked at some homes while we were there this weekend, and although we aren't in a place to buy anything at this point, it was nice to see what the market is like there and what is actually available.
i have a half day free tomorrow while the girls are in preschool. part of that time will be spent working at wesley, but i have at least a few hours free. ideas on what i should do?


L said...

I didn't know Steve grew up in the boat business! That is only my absolute favorite thing to do- go boating. I can't believe AK is holding that fish! I bet Steve looooves that. Too cute. I'll be praying for that house to get sold soon!!

clay said...

Randel El - I can see the pride radiating off of Steve now as he saw his first born holding that fish! Anyway, it looks like yall were in marietta while we were in omaha...too bad!

April said...

Catch up on your Beth Moore study!! LOL!
We missed you on Tuesday!
Seriously do something just for you, something that will renew you (maybe a NAP!!)

Jonathan said...

(amy here)

WOW, anna k looks SOOOO much like steve in that picture and its even so much more obvious with that fish in her hand!!!!

we'll be in ft. lauderdale april 16-20, dont yall need a vacation?


julie and joe said...

i feel like i haven't seen you forever....are you breaking up with me?

April said...

So what did you do in your free time?
Sounds like you should have had lunch with Julie! LOL

ziondreamer said...

OMG - $10,000 more dollars? You're down to 295? What a steal!
Maybe I should buy it.
Maybe I should do that with my house...