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Sunday, February 10, 2008

...total exhaustion...

 (written last night (sunday) but not posted until now)
we've just returned.... steve from the wesley men's retreat and i from the wesley women's retreat... and we think the idea of sleeping for 24 hours non-stop sounds really fabulous. but this is one of the areas our life is very different than the wesley folks who attended the retreats... see we have KIDS at home waiting to play and catch up on the last 48 hours.  so it is with extremely low energy that we spend the afternoon engaging our children in relationship.  and cleaning our house. because my brother victor, his wife julia, and their  1 1/2 year old daughter morgan are coming this afternoon until wednesday. (which i'm very happy about, by the way.) we'll be hitting disney tomorrow and possibly the next day.. no rest for the weary, but i'm glad to sacrifice rest for stuff like encountering jesus and being with my brother. somethings are worth pressing through :)


ManUtd17 said...

Congrats to Steve on his Grammies the other night.

Y'all must be really excited.

Love and Smiles said...

I can't wait to hear about the retreat. You were missed today!!!
Have fun at Disney!!