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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

...the depths of my soul cry out...

steve is spending the night tonight at our local church, helping with an outreach to homeless families. his absence at home afforded me time all alone after the girls went to bed around 7:30. and i have to admit, that excited me.
so i started 3 books. not one, but THREE. do you ever do that? start one book and then move on to another before you are finished with the first? i was so thrilled to actually have some time to read that i ended up reading a chapter or two of 3 different books. they all are so intriguing that i couldn't decide. on top of that, i actually started this reading extravaganza by pulling out a book i started a few days ago. which makes 4 books total for today.
sometimes my soul aches for a good read. and i so rarely take the time to meet that inner cry. i guess it doesn't seem quite as pressing or scream quite as loudly as the laundry in the dryer, the dishes in the sink, and the toys that need to be taken back to their rightful abode. 11pm comes too quickly most evenings, and at that point it's just too late to become consumed by a book.

what about you? do you find the time to read? and if so, how?
what good book is currently on your bedside table?

(if it's fab, i'm sure i'll be ordering it off of either ebay or amazon). :)


Jen said...

I am loving a book called "The Mission of Motherhood" by Sally Clarkson It will be in my top 5 and will most likely be my number one recommendation for moms, moms-to-be, or one-day-in-the-future moms.

lindsay said...

"The Kite Runner" has been keeping me company during 2AM feedings....I'm going through a fiction phase right now. Next up: Either Flannery O'Connor's short stories (check her out, she's Southern!) or The New Strong Willed Child. I'm sure the latter is more urgent! :-)

AGreene said...

as a seminary student, all i do is read!
I try to have a fun book going on the side, just for my sanity.
Right now, I'm reading "Prodigal Summer" by Barbara Kingsolver. I can't comment on how good it is yet, cause I'm not done yet. However, this summer I read "The Poisonwood Bible" by her also and it definitely ranks on my top books list.
You should check it out, since you have so much free time!
Miss you and love you!

seantk said...

Oh yeah, reading is huge.... but it's so much less than when I had no wife or kids to keep me running!

I still wolf down words whenever I get the chance....

Currently, I'm reading about 4 books.....

Bono in Conversation
The Orientalist
Ghost Wars
Traveling Mercies

I have to second Flannery O'Connor. I read "Wise Blood" this past Summer; very odd, sad, and unique.

Jason said...

OK, for devotionals, I recommend "Mystics, Mavericks & Miracle Workers" :) ... Gary L. Thomas' "The Beautiful Fight" is one I'm finishing up now and it's awesome. Leave it to Gary to sucker punch you in the gut for feeling like you've got any kind of handle on the Christian faith. I love it!

steve and randel hambrick said...

hey friends!!
thanks for your posts and ideas.. woo hoo! the only one i've read (actually in the process of reading) is the new strong willed child. so now i have lots of options for a new order at amazon..

ziondreamer said...

With my womens bible study right now, we are reading 'You Matter More Than You Think' by Leslie Parrott. Ehh. Not really doing anything for me, honestly. Also, we just picked up 'Confronting the Controversies' by Adam Hamilton. He is doing a sermon series on politics and is giving the book away for free. That one is ok. It's average. I too am also reading 'Travelling Mercies'by Anne LaMott. Love it.
Welp. This is my current reading list. Not that exciting. I am going to check into some of the other titles suggested here!
Awesome that you are reading insatiably right now. That means that you are going through a growth spurt!
Love you. nik