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Saturday, December 15, 2007

...pedal that bike, pedal that bike...

anna katherine can now ride a bike without training wheels! yippee! it was an amazing site--
we tried a few weeks back and she was bitter about the whole experience. she actually put her training wheels back on her bike- wrench and all- because she did NOT want to learn yet. last night the family went out to let the girls ride bikes. out of the blue, anna katherine asked steve to take the training wheels off. and then- it was a done deal. remarkable! she began riding as if she had known forever! check it out... and sara on her one handled care bear trike. today anna katherine was twice as steady. but i have no video of that.
p.s. no comments on the lack of a helmet.. we've got one... :)


Love and Smiles said...

That is awesome. I can't believe how big she is. I still remember meeting you when you moved to Orlando, she was still so little then!!
Can't wait for that moment with our girls! Now we are just awaiting the day Smiles (the youngest) crawls!!

Love and Smiles said...

check out Love's latest accomplishment on the blog

clay said...

I miss the hambricks! Please helmetize AK...yall can be rebels, and your kids will be soon, but not too soon!

ziondreamer said...

That is the most precious video ever. PLEEEAASE move to kansas.

L said...

What an adorable video!
I love the pictures of the girls with Santa, too. My mom never told us Santa wasn't real, but she didn't encourage it either. Kinda hard to know how to handle that. It was still a big letdown when I found out, and it was very hard to not tell all the other kids at school. :)
Exciting news that you're moving back to GA! Have a wonderful Christmas!