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Friday, November 16, 2007

...tragedy on so many fronts...

so why wouldn't today be fabulous? i mean, it's my birthday. and i'm ONLY 39 (yikes)... unfortunately, the girls had quite a hard day. (hence, steve and i had a hard day)
it started when we found out that centracare was giving free flu shots. we dropped our minivan (i know) off for an oil change and headed that way. anna katherine was in school, so sara was the unlucky recipient. i was getting one too. she was a bit clueless about what was about to happen, and the nurse warned me to hold her arms tightly. as soon as the needle went in, sara jerked her hand out of my grasp and yanked the needle right out of her arm. she was crying hysterically of course. then the nurse tells me that NONE of the medicine went in, and that she'll have to stick her again. yikes. so steve held her this time, and for the remainder of the day she was beyond distraught. crying that never really stopped, despite offers of candy, cake, ice cream, etc... and it was basically my fault. :(
then we get a call from tuffy letting us know that our brakes AND tires need replacing. fabulous. moving on...
anna katherine had her pre-k thanksgiving program tonight. she and her classmates were dressed as indians, and she looked quite adorable if i can say that. she did a fabulous job singing and doing all of the song motions UNTIL... everyone in the audience laughed at her. there was a time in the program when the director asked, "where are the turkeys?" (some kids were dressed as turkeys). anna katherine yells out, " over there!" and everyone in the audience starts laughing. and there must have been 300 people there. well, anna katherine was VERY aware that they were laughing at her, and she basically crumbled into a pile on the floor weeping for the remainder of the program. she was embarrassed. and we felt really sad for her. what makes this even a bigger deal- this is the first time she has actually willingly and excitedly performed with her class. last year she had terrible stage fright, and we had finally gotten past that. up until this point in the show, she was awesome. we're hoping she's not scarred for life. even as i type, steve is putting her to bed and trying to convince her that people weren't laughing at her.
maybe the sun will come out tomorrow?


lindsay said...

i just read this to michael and he said he'd want to beat up the audience for making his little girl cry! i feel so bad for AK! poor kid. and now i'm scared to take Reese to get her flu shot (that's Monday). oh boy. well, at least you can be 39 for the rest of your life, right? ;-)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite southern belle!

Shannon said...

Randel, How fun to catch up on the happenings of the Hambrick household. =) Happy birthday girl friend! BTW, we love The Office, and that clip made me giggle. Thanks! =P

Radiant Friends said...

happy Birthday!! So sorry to hear about the shot. I tried something new with R. and it worked great. We read a book then said the same words as the character, "one, two, three, pinch!" She barely cried for the second shot (we had to split her flu shot into TWO because she was too little for all the medicine at one time!)
Anna Katherine will survive! She has you and Steve as parents!!!

L said...

Happy Birthday! Poor Anna Katherine. I hope she can be convinced that they weren't laughing at her. This reminds me of my sister. She used to not even want us to come to her performances, but fortunately she has gotten over that!

clay said...

well, the weekend was incredible...thanks for playing host/friend/comedian/askerofprobingquestions.

I guess that we are really friends now that I have commented on your blog.

Your girls rock - Deborah is still talking about them.

See you soon!!!!!!

Kristi said...

Poor Ann Katherine! Also, I appreciate a person who will take a picture of their child crying, because it really documents the situation. My simpathy grew so much more for her just by seeing that picture!

Wow...these are the kind of parenting situations you don't see coming when you see that first pregnancy test :) Thanks for the heads up!