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Friday, November 2, 2007

..."just another day...

without you..." croons jon secada as i pogo (yes, literally POGO) up to the front of his concert at epcot tonight, right next to alot of boring old people resting on amphitheatre benches between imbibing on various foods and wines at the epcot food and wine festival. do you even remember jon secada??? after a bet with steve, i decided to humiliate myself by running up to the stage like a desperate fan, screaming and jumping, and waiting for him to grab my hand and sing to me. yes, i was the ONLY ONE not sleeping on a bench. and yes, i'm embarassed and proud at the same time. the non negotiable of the entire thing was that steve would be snapping photos to document my humiliation. and guess what--- he got NO PHOTOS of this. i can't even believe it. he owes me BIG TIME.
it was a really great date night. we were obnoxious at times, and it was nice. i miss those days of silliness. too often life distracts us from joy and laughter in the daily grind, but tonight was different. and i feel refreshed.

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