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Sunday, October 21, 2007

...dreams really do come true...

or so they say and sing... ALOT... at disney. here are some photos from friday's adventure. it was a long and fabulous day, with a heat index of 94 degrees. (HELLO, it's late OCTOBER). the girls had tons of fun. we arrived around noon, and didn't leave the park until 9:30pm. we ate junk food and played hard. i'm always surprised at how wiped out i feel after disney- it doesn't even make sense. after 10 hours on friday, two days later i'm still feeling like i've been hit by a train. maybe it's because i'm getting older (yikes). regardless, fun was had by all.

we're here!
we love each other and pooh! (at least today)
standing in line at the pooh ride
peeking out of 100 acre woods home
whoohoo! on the barnstormer rollercoaster
playing at tom sawyer island
anna katherine and her skills
steve at tom sawyer island, content but tired
sacked out after a LONG day


L said...

Seriously, your girls are just too cute! I can't believe I've never been to Disneyworld. I still want to go! I just went to Disneyland last year, but I hear it's not the same.

Tammy H said...

Hey Guys....
Wow, I had a HUGE flashback of Steve in India in Dec 1999, taking care of my kids saying, 'Tammy, I can't wait to be a dad!'