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Thursday, September 6, 2007

opening up that can of worms...

here i go bringing up politics- an important but polarizing topic. i have to admit, i've been feeling quite bland and a bit unimpressed by all of the candidates up until this point. after last evenings republican debate, i have to say i'm regaining some confidence in the candidates running for office. i actually think i could be comfortable voting for one of those men.
steve and i have watched both the democratic debate and the republican debate. before these debates, i will say that i was purposefully a bit clueless about the candidates and their views. in truth, i wasn't ready to get all emotionally wrapped up in this race. (save some brain energy for other stuff right now). i have tried to maintain an open mind this year, not dismissing a candidate because of the party he/she has affiliated himself with. the political arena has been a passion of mine in the past, and i've been highly conservative in the past, but i have found God refining and changing a bit the views i've held so vehemently. i would still consider myself a conservative, but there are some biblical principals i believe the democrats are grasping better than the republicans. (i'm still a bit shocked that i can say that). my only true allegiance is to the kingdom of God and the principals and convictions of my Father.
so, with all that said, i think i'm ready to delve in a bit. what are your opinions? who should we consider, and why?? comment and give your thoughts--
p.s. i don't think i was even aware of Huckabee before last night- he's a baptist pastor, and was suprisingly impressive as well.
p.p.s. the photo is the only one i've seen of the debate- it's not necessarily who i was most impressed with


L said...

Hi Randel!

I too haven't wanted to learn much about the candidates yet, not ready to pick a favorite. However, living in DC I have heard a few of them speak publicly before. It seems I can take issue with something that each candidate stands for (or at least a skeleton in their closet). And then you have to take into consideration who even has a chance to win.

Regarding the party thing, I guess it's always been hard for me to look past a person's stance on traditional issues to listen to what they have to say about other things. If I know where God stands on one thing, I know he's pro-life and pro-family! And although it seems that Ds are more generous when giving to the poor, etc., I've always thought that was the church's job and not the government's. Besides, they're not giving their own money, they're making me give mine! It's an interesting discussion to say the least because obviously God has no party affiliation.

All that to say, I really have no idea who I might support . . but I guess I have plenty of time to decide. :)

steve and randel hambrick said...

laura- i absolutely agree with you. thanks for sharing!

L said...

I have to say that you have always been an inspiration for being single. I've been having so much fun and don't mind it at all! I remember when you said how glad you were that you stayed single for as long as you did. :)

brad said...

Whoever gets elected needs to be ready to kick some Islamo-fascist behind because that will be the biggest battle America has faced since Nazi Germany. Can you imagine how much more formidable the Nazi's would have been with all the modern conveniences we have now, like these here Internets and cell phones? Well, that's what we have with the I-F's. People get ready.

Ryan said...

first off, you rock and i love and miss you guys! Secondly.. I am so not voting for any of the rumsy or romney.. Rums is pro abortion (not good at all) and Romney is Mormon (which I truly believe to be not good) So, i dont know who to vote for if those are the leading candidates.. =( I will probably vote third party... i always like those guys! They got guts!