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Saturday, July 28, 2007

organics-what's the deal?

i've been very interested in the whole "organic" debate-- and i've been trying to do a little research. organic food is more expensive, and there are less choices. when you look in the organic produce section (at least at the local publix or walmart grocery), you have a small selection with high prices. so what's a girl to do? more importantly, what's a parent to do? it seems a bit more important when your food choices affect your little ones.
i've talked to a few friends, and they seem to be stuck in this quandry as well. after talking to our pediatrician, i have decided we are definitely giving our girls organic milk. beyond that, i'm still researching. please pass on any great online resources you know of that give concise and accurate research. i'm also including a link to a list by dr. allen greene of his top 10 organic food choices. FYI!

oh, and by the way, publix sells their organic milk for $4.99 a gallon, which isn't too bad considering skim milk now costs $4.19 per gallon.



jeaninew said...

I hear you on the whole organics deal. We have currently changed our dairy products (and others as budget would allow) to organic. Any input would be greatly apppreciated!

fabfam5 said...

i am with u on the organic wagon. mostly because i do not think that produce taste as good as it used to. also, our middle doesnt seem to have an allergy problem with organic.?? i agree that publix brand makes it affordable. my uncle (huge organic fan) told me about a local news station did a comparison on oranges vs organic oranges. they found that the oranges were severely lacking vitamin c. while the organic oranges had the max amount. ?? The scientists running the experiment said that would be the case for most regular fruit and veg because they are picked too soon before they are actually ripe. they let them ripen on their way to the store. we would do all organic if prices would allow.